Product Lines


Royal Smit Transformers
Large Power Transformers
Up to 1000 MVA & 800 kV
Autotransformers, GSU Transformers, Shunt
Reactors, Phase Shifters

Delta Star Transformers
Medium Power Transformers
Up to 150 MVA & 230 kV, Mobile Substations, Portable Transformers

OTC Services
Transformer Repair and Reconditioning Services
Up to 100 MVA & 825 kV BIL

Mesa Tech
MESA offers a full line of DC power systems and products
DC rectifiers/charger systems, Substation batteries & racks Specializing in Hoppecke Batteries & Eltek Chargers

Easter Owens
Power Distribution Equipment, Custom Control Buildings Electrical Enclosures, Industrial Control Panels

Advanced Power Technologies
Advanced Power Technologies
Transformer Monitoring Systems

California Turbo, Inc.
Transformer Cooling Fans up to 17,000 CFM, Portable Blowers