Product Lines

Royal Smit Transformers
Large Power Transformers
Up to 1000 MVA & 800 kV
Autotransformers, GSU Transformers, Shunt
Reactors, Phase Shifters

Delta Star Transformers
Medium Power Transformers
Up to 150 MVA & 230 kV, Mobile Substations, Portable Transformers
Skid-Mount Substations, Mobile Substation Repair & Reconditioning
Transformer Field Service

OTC Services
Transformer Repair and Reconditioning Services
Up to 100 MVA & 825 kV BIL
Furnace and Rectifier Transformer Repair
Reconditioning Services – Transformers

Electrical Technologies Field Services
Turnkey Installation Service for all Manufacturers’ Transformer Equipment
Assembly, Vacuum Dry-Out, Oil Processing & Oil Filling under Vacuum
Full Field Acceptance & Maintenance Testing Services
Repair & Field Service Warranty Provider

Insulation Technology, Monitoring Equipment, Transformer Accessories, Laboratory Services/Oil Analysis, Engineering Services

MindCore Technologies
Substation disconnect switches from 15kV to 800kV (100A to 4000A), Vertical break, Double side break, Center break, & Side break

Control Panel Manufacturing, Dry-Type Transformers, E-Houses & Control buildings, Electrical Distribution Equipment and Remote Racking Systems

Bae Batteries USA
Full line of DC Power Systems and Products
DC Charging System by Hindle
Substation Racks & Outdoor Enclosures